ANEMONE – Indaco – Ecoprint Eucalipto

ANEMONE – Indaco – Ecoprint Eucalipto

Silk shirt with mandarin collar and raglan cut. The sleeve is wide and taken up at the wrist. The shirt has a historical connotation of elegance, Anemone reflects this perfectly. The buttons are made of mother of pearl. This pattern allows us to have this garment in one size. In these photos we paired Anemone with the Ribes skirt, wanting to create an outfit that shines its own light. A light given by the quality and quality of the fabrics.

FABRIC: 100% Bamboo from the company Maeko Ltd.

SEASON: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer


shirt length: +/- 61cm

neck height: +/- 3.5cm

sleeve length: +/- 64 cm

Bamboo fabric is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.

Bamboo fiber fabric, due to its properties and benefits, is particularly suitable for being in direct contact with the skin.  Its moisture-absorbing and naturally antibacterial abilities make it a perfect fabric for all types of clothing especially underwear.

Due to the presence of multiple air cavities and air cushions in the fabric weave, bamboo makes garments highly breathable, with a very high capacity to absorb liquids, such as moisture and sweat, which evaporates three times faster than traditional cotton, giving freshness for a long time and warding off bad odors.

Un indumento prodotto con un tessuto di bamboo è morbido sulla pelle, delicato e previene arrossamenti ed irritazioni.

Tailoring: for any modification and customization please contact us before ordering, we will try our best to satisfy you.

We always recommend dry cleaning if possible, otherwise gentle cold or hand washing.

The packaging time is 15 days.




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This garment was made from Bamboo fiber, which looks like silk. The fabric was processed using the Botanical Print (Ecoprint) technique where the leaves naturally leave color on the fiber permanently. The base was dyed with indigo color, among the oldest pigments used by man to color textiles, extracted from the leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria. Only organic materials are used to make this print.

The patterns we handcraft make this garment unique.

Our dresses do not follow definite trends and often have a comfortable silohuette, to give more value to the texture of the fabric and the patterns we relate. They are suitable for special events as well as for going to the city or escaping to your nest in nature, to escape a bit from the chaos and find the 'harmony. It will be the insinto that will show you what is the best time to wear them. Free space for creativity, imagination and self-expression.



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All the garments are tailored and this allows us to make the changes you prefer according to your needs and tastes. We can make changes to adapt the dress to your body.
If you prefer one of our models in another color or pattern, contact us to see if it is possible to do so, in this case there will be a 5% surcharge on the price you see in the shop. You can find all the shades we make in our small dry cleaners on the “Create your suit” page.
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The packaging times for a garment may vary according to the complexity of the order. As a rule, an unmodified garment can be packaged in 15 days, while personalized items have a slightly longer time frame, 20 days.


We always recommend dry cleaning, otherwise gentle cold washing or hand washing with mild soap and natural drying in the shade.