Etico – Sartoria Marchigiana



Yarrow is the flower I have most frequently found growing wild in the lands of 'Iceland.

After breathing, admiring and contemplating this land, land of ice and fire, I thought of creating this collection that with some of the colors that I think characterize it.

It is a precious land, something ancestral, where nature reigns impetuous in hundreds of forms and human activity is almost imperceptible. Where ultraterrestrial energies can be felt and so can goblins.


Yarrow also represents my willingness to sow a possible concept, that dressing in Nature can be done, perhaps must be done. 

Because yarrow is the flower that represents healing from wounds, for healing.


Model: Giorgia Covino

Photografer: Francesca Bianchelli

Make up: Giada Pavoni

Location: Piane di Ragnolo – Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini