Etico – Sartoria Marchigiana


ètico – Sartoria Marchigiana is a project conceived by Marta Baldassarri.


After having had previous experience in the fashion industry (the second most polluting in the world) I decided to change course and train in the modeling and tailoring field at an artisanal level. In recent years I have been trying to recover and promote old and noble crafts by becoming part of the international movement called Slow Fashion per tentare di rallentare non solo noi produttori, ma anche i consumatori.


Slow down to realize that you don't need to compulsively produce and buy clothing, you need to take a step back and reevaluate what's really important: ourselves and the world around us.


To try to reduce the environmental impact we choose for our collections only natural fabricsguarantors of quality and durability, of neutral color, coming from controlled supply chains or from company scraps and inventories; the colors and decorations of our clothes are the result of our creativity, supported by the research and experience gained in Natural Tincture and inEcoprint (botanical printing technique that, through firing processes, imprints imprints and colors of flowers, leaves, roots on textile materials).


From the idea to the first sketches, from cutting to sewing, from white fabrics to colorful dresses: in our atelier located in the small village of Ripe San Ginesio (MC) at the foot of the Sibillini mountains, our creations and your customizations come to life.


There has to be a better way to do the things we want, a way that doesn't pollute the sky or the rain or the earth.


Paul Mc Cartney



Vegetable printing technique born in the 90s in Australia thanks to the research and experimentation of the artist India Flint, which involves the use of flowers, leaves, bark, roots etc. that placed on a fabric and subsequently rolled up, tied around rigid supports and cooked, leave their mark and their color on the textile materials, of vegetable or animal origin, used.

Natural Dye

The dyeing of fabrics (a tradition with very ancient origins since the first evidence dates back to 4000/3000 B.C. in the heart of the Inca culture) uses 100% natural dyes derived from agricultural and food waste (pomegranate peels, onion peels, pruning, etc.), native plants and wild herbs.

The processes of dyeing, printing fabrics (Eco-printing), and creating natural inks for painting, exclude the use of chemical so- cials. In addition, the aim is to reduce waste, which is enormous in industrial production, by reusing fabric cuts and dyeing the finished garment.


A place for meeting, exchange and creation. At the foot of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, in the heart of the village of Ripe San Ginesio in the Province of Macerata, you can find my tailoring, dyeing and Atelier.


Another key point of the project is the enhancement of the territory, rich in small agricultural and textile companies with which we believe it is possible to create a circular and local production network.

Le Marche is a region in the hearth of Italy where several artisans work on fabrics and shoes and create unique pieces as we are trying to recreate today. Our workshop is based in Ripe S. Ginesio, a medieval town that younger artisans and foreigners are trying to bring back to life.


In September 2019, ico Sartoria Marchigiana was awarded as the winner of €10,000 as a non-repayable grant, of the Progetto Start organized by the Municipality of Macerata, for the creation of an urban ecosystem, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Macerata area.

In 2020 we raised €5,000 through crowdfunding Impatto+ di Banca Etica, with the aim of supporting the creation of my tailor's shop in Ripe San Ginesio.

In 2021 ético Sartoria Marchigiana wins the “Progetto Appennino 2021 ReStartApp Idee e imprese che muovo montagne”, rewarded with €25,000 non-repayable. The incubation and acceleration campus for young businesses in the Italian Apennine territory is promoted and created by Fondazione Edoardo Garrone e dalla Fondazione Carisap.

Cambiamenti 2021, the great national competition that discovers, rewards and supports the best Italian companies born in the last four years that have been able to rediscover traditions, promote their territory and community, innovate products and processes and build the future. In second place was Etico Sartoria Marchigiana, which produces clothes with 100 percent natural certified fabrics and hand-dyed with vegetable material.

Etico Sartoria Marchigiana placed first in the regional competition in 2022 "Destinazione Green" promoted by Cofartigianato Marche. The theme of sustainability is now central and affects the entire production process of the individual companies that are embarking on this path. ​

In 2022, ético Sartoria Marchigiana is among the 6 winners out of 135 Italian companies of the "What a feat for women!" tender. with a non-repayable contribution of €24,500. A project by Fondazione Con Etica, achieved thanks to the donation of part of the profits of Etica Sgr, the savings management company specializing in responsible investments. Fondazione Con Etica launches a call dedicated to micro and small female businesses.

In 2023 Etico Sartoria Marchigiana wins the first regional prize of €5,000 Impronta d'Impresa "Le donne lasciano il segno" nel settore Sostenibilità. Un riconoscimento tributato dalla Camera di Commercio delle Marche alle imprese a titolarità femminile marchigiane, che hanno lasciato il segno con progetti innovativi negli ambiti di internazionalizzazione, sostenibilità, digitale, turismo e cultura.

Nel 2024 Etico Sartoria Marchigiana vince il premio nazionale di 63.000€ Imprese Borghi finanziato dal PNRR. Il sostegno è destinato a progetti imprenditoriali nei borghi storici assegnatari di risorse per i “Progetti locali di rigenerazione culturale e sociale”, nel campo delle attività culturali, creative, turistiche, commerciali, agroalimentari e artigianali, volti a rilanciare le economie locali valorizzando i prodotti, i saperi e le tecniche del territorio.

Nel 2024 Etico Sartoria Marchigiana ottiene il riconoscimento 1m Eccellenza artigiana della Regione Marche.