Etico – Sartoria Marchigiana


A/I 2020


This collection was made from natural and certified fabrics, wool, hemp and bamboo, printed with the Ecoprint technique and colo-rated with natural dyes. They are handcrafted one by one in our small workshop. They are unique sartorial pieces that tell the story of a timeless woman.

Often the product of this activity trespasses into the realm of culture, spiritual enjoyment, and artistic perception.
The prevalence of manual dexterity, supported by essential tools, the complete process, from conception to realization, carried out by a single individual are characteristics of craftsmanship that is often identified with folk art: from earthenware to wrought iron, from basketry to weaving, from wood, horn, bone and gourd carving, to lace, filigree, and wrought copper; in folk art one captures, through the succession of experiences of generations of artisans, forms, colors, meanings, and values that seem to know no boundaries of space, time, fashions, customs and habits. "

Models: Eleonora Farabollini, Giulia Avenali

Photo: Alisia Cruciani