Etico – Sartoria Marchigiana


A/I 2022


SENTIERI is our spring/summer 2022 collection. The fabrics chosen are silk fiber, bamboo, cotton, linen and hemp. The silk, cotton and linen come from farm waste, to use the unused and leave the fallow to Nature.

Bamboo and hemp, on the other hand, come from controlled supply chains that respect the environment and man. Leaves, flowers, roots and barks originate in our Paths…

Four years ago ètico was born, an expression of what animates our inspiration, of the restlessness within us that paws to give concrete form to our creativity and
To our values: our sap.

We chose a place where our ideas could have fertile ground to grow, a space where we could lay down our Roots: in this territory they will remain, wherever we will be. We took a break.

We slowed down further, we decided to stop for a while to form more, to make the weave firmer
of knowledge and relationships: we have made it the foundation of our work; and those who deal with Nature know that it is the master of silent and invisible plots and warps that support structures on the surface.

Now we need to move, toward a world that is vast and varied and true, truer than a horizon enclosed in a space and reduced
a panorama, slowly accustoming us to conformity. Now it is necessary to move, but for Nature.

So let's abandon the roads and walk the SENTIERI.


"Normality is a paved road.
It is comfortable for walking, but no flowers grow there." Vincent Van Gogh

Model: Ilenia Calabresi

Photographer: Simone Castrovillari

Makeup artist: Lucia Longhi