Etico – Sartoria Marchigiana


A/I 2020


"Beneath our feet tell us stories full of plots, all intricate. Tangles of times past that support the weight of the present that, fearless, pushes toward the sky. The roots, silent, stand in the earth - like the past that stays behind, but nourishes us behind. To remind us who we are, however, we look not downward, but toward the sun and the blue: 

A new spring to renew roots and warm shadows!"

'Crafts and natural dyeing are part of our history, our roots, which we want to celebrate so that they are not lost.
We are born and raised in a beautiful land.
Our roots are genuine, pure, in our small villages there is an air of beauty, of community, of real relationships, of children playing hide-and-seek in the alleys, of old people who always say "good morning" and tell you about their past even as artisans. 

We are in the mountains, breathing good air.
Without these roots we would not be what we are now.


Roots are also the foundation of plants without which they would not grow.
Because of today's polluted world, because of the amount of waste we find even in seemingly pristine places, we risk the future but also present roots of plants growing in unhealthy soils.


Our work and our leaders must not harm the environment, must not pollute our roots.

Models: Martina Prosperi e Anna Carpineti, in arte CARANNA

Photo: Marco Gentili